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Sinead Culliton - Roscrea
my husband is fed up with bread for lunch so now he takes he takes tortilla wraps filled with dennys ham n topped with salad scrumptious so i'm told
mary lynch - county kerry
When going on a picnic with my family I make dennys sausage and bacon wrap. Not forgetting the cup of tea, what more could you want.
Ann Dornan - Dublin
Home is taking a break in the bog with my 3 sons and sharing a denny bacon and tomato sandwich on granary bread with iceberg lettuce. Nothing beats the appetite you have for the taste of denny.
stephanie gargan - navan
now that summer is here again the bbq is out in full swing, we must have had a bbq 5 days in a row recently, can't beat denny sausages in a hot dog roll with fried onions and ketchup.. yum
susan cunningham - ballincollig
In 2006 I spent a year travelling around the world.My last meal before leaving Ireland was a Denny sausage and bacon sandwich, whilst stopped at a lay-by somewhere between Donegal and Belfast airport.
anne corcoran - Co Dublin
In The Ritz, with cucumber and rasher sandwiches. Well, one can dream!!!
breda sheridan - swinford
On the banks of a river, in the shade of a tree on a sunny afternoon, accompanied by a good book, there is nothing better than a fresh denny ham sandwich with a hint of mustard - heaven!
Vuvuzelas,and the TV room no longer my haven, I resort to my bedroom accompanied by Denny ham sandwiches and a cup of tea to watch the soaps on my telly with its rabbit ears.Thanks Denny for such comfort
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