Healthy Summer Barbecues

It’s that time of year again when we dust down the barbecue.  For many enthusiasts barbecues can be a regular feature of summer eating.  There are lots of ways to make sure you eat healthy throughout barbecue season while still enjoying yourself.

  • Make homemade burgers using lean mince & trim the visible fat from steaks.../BBQ-burger.jpg
  • Use wholegrain rolls for hot dogs or burgers to increase fibre intakes.
  • Include tasty, low fat jacket potatoes on the barbecue. Simply scrub the potato clean, pierce the skin a few times, wrap in tinfoil and place directly on the barbecue until cooked.
  • ‘Eat the rainbow’ and serve a colourful salad with your barbecue.  Remember, the more colours you eat as part of your 5 a day the more nutrients you get.
  • Rice, couscous and pasta provide an excellent base for barbecue salad.  Spice them up by adding raisins, onion, peppers, courgettes, ham, sun dried tomatoes, herbs & seeds.
  • ../BBQ-Fruit-kebabs.jpgServe low fat salad dressings on the side.  Replace full fat mayonnaise in coleslaw or potato salad with light mayonnaise.
  • Watch portion size.  Make up most of your plate with salad or starchy foods. Eat slowly so that you realise you are full earlier and don’t eat more than you need to.
  • Try fruit kebabs on the barbecue for a delicious dessert. Simply thread whatever combination of fruit you fancy onto skewers and wrap up in foil before placing on the barbecue.  Get kids involved in making them. Serve with low fat yoghurt.