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'Natural' means a product does not contain artificial ingredients. The ingredients are unprocessed.


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Pork Protein is an ingredient that comes from fresh pork.


The natural flavourings are derived from celery and rosemary extract.


To improve our product range and to have a better offering for the consumer. As consumers told us they are concerned about the use of artificial ingredients in products, we wanted to offer a 100% natural ingredients alternative. We believe consumers will respond really positively to this product.


Currently only the Denny Deli Style and Old Style ham contains all natural ingredients.  All Denny sliced cooked meats are produced to the highest standards which is what makes Denny a trusted and much loved brand in Ireland. Denny offers a range of sliced cooked meats to suit the different tastes of our Denny consumers.


All Denny Sliced Cooked Hams:

title-how-much-ham.pngCurrent dietary recommendations for the Republic of Ireland advise that we eat 2 servings from the protein group (meat, fish and alternatives) every day It is a good idea to vary the foods that we eat from this group so as we get a good mix of all the nutrients we need.

 Each of the following count as a serving:


See Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI) web-site for more information

For dietary recommendations for Northern Ireland, please see


Denny Deli Style originates from the practice of taking the Deli Bulk Ham from the deli counter and slicing it in a convenient way.