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Try to include the following 5 Food Groups in your child's lunchbox.

such as bread, rolls or pasta to provide energy. Include wholemeal varieties as much as possible.
such as meat, fish or eggs which are important for growth and development. Choose lean meats such as ham or chicken.

Include a portion of dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt) in the lunchbox for healthy teeth and bones. Low fat dairy products are a good choice.
Include one or more servings in the lunchbox to help put kids well on their way to 5 a day.
Don’t forget a drink to make sure active kids do not get dehydrated. Water & milk are best for lunchboxes. 100% fruit juice equals 1 of 5 a day but is best consumed with meals to avoid tooth decay. Include a straw with 100% fruit juice to help keep it away from little teeth.