Mary Byrne - Kildare
Make a 'fruit stick' by skewering fruit onto wooden skewers, make mini ones using cocktail sticks..they can be Fruit Dippers when accompanied by a tub of yoghurt
Mary Byrne - Kildare
Egg Boats:Quarter a hard boiled egg,make a sail from a triangle of coloured paper and a cocktail stick.It could even sail on a 'sea' made from a ham slice!
Mary Byrne - Kildare
Use disposable plastic (NOT latex)gloves,pop a malteser into each finger for a chocolate 'nail', and fill rest with popcorn, Freaky edible hand!!
Mary Byrne - Kildare
Bake savoury muffins, cheese and chopped Denny ham is good! make mini ones for cuteness
Mary Byrne - Kildare
Make 'Ham Spirals',cut off crusts,lay side by side,overlapping slightly,flatten with rolling pin. Butter,then lay on a slice of ham.Roll up tightly.Slice into impressive 'spirals'!
Carmel Caswell - Co Galway
My six year old loves to have a choice,so I roll my denny ham and half it.Sometimes,he likes to have grated cheese in the middle of his ham or salad,or pickle,or grated carrot,or celery. Loves them.
joanne o'flynn - co.cork
Roisin 20mths and starting creche next week while i go back to school myself.So 2wks ago i started making her lunch snack in a lunch box,she loves the suprise each day & loves ham fingers sandwiches.
Natalie Kennedy - Kildare
My 14 yr old son loves Denny ham between 2 slices of wholewheat whole. He loves the fact that the sambo fits in his hand and is solid. He also loves B L T wraps hold the mayo and add more Denny bacon.
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