History of Denny

The Brand Story

The Denny name and its association with meat go back a long way together. Henry Denny started trading as a provisions merchant in Waterford in 1820 when he entered a partnership with a long-established general merchant. By the early 1830s his own business had taken hold. He directed almost all his products towards the growing British market using the ‘star’ brand.

In 1880 Henry’s youngest son Edward set up Edward Denny & Co. in London and began expanding internationally – between 1885 and 1900 it had operations in Germany, Denmark and America. Denny’s technological capabilities and marketing expertise helped develop the Danish bacon industry during this time. By the time he died in 1905 Edward Denny was one of the most powerful men in the international meat industry. A defining moment in the brand’s history arrived in 1933 at an International food fair in Manchester. Denny was awarded a gold medal for making the finest sausages, which is now in the Waterford Museum of Treasures. This accolade gave birth to the Denny Gold Medal brand. This medal is a link to one of Ireland’s first multinational companies. Kerry Foods bought out the Irish operation in 1982.

Evolution of the Denny logo