Sourcing Policy


Policy Statement

Denny is the number one brand in Ireland in sausages, rashers and cooked meats.  Denny is proud of its Irish heritage and is very supportive of the Irish communities in which it operates and of Ireland generally.  Kerry Foods, which owns Denny, directly employs more than 2,500 people across Ireland and many more indirectly. The company is one of the largest purchasers of pork across the island of Ireland.  To ensure we continue to deliver the recognised Denny quality throughout the year and supply the Denny products that consumers want week in, week out, our meat is sourced from both Irish and EU approved suppliers, all of whom meet the most stringent quality criteria.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


1. Where does the raw material that goes into Denny products come from?

We source the majority of our pork from Irish suppliers. Due to the volume of pork that we require over the year, which can vary significantly each week, it is not possible to secure sufficient supply from the island of Ireland to meet our demands. So we also source pork from EU approved suppliers, who meet our strict quality criteria.



2. Why don’t you use all Irish pork in your products?

We would love to use all Irish pork in our products. However, each week, we require varying quantities of different cuts of pork to produce the Denny products that consumers want in that week. We cannot secure all of the pork meat we need from Irish suppliers.  So we need to source some of our pork from EU approved suppliers to ensure that we supply the quantity, quality and value of our Denny products.

3. Are all your products produced in Ireland?

The majority of our products are produced in Co.Wicklow. A small number of our products are produced at EU approved production facilities.


4. Do you show where your pork comes from on your packaging?

Due to the limited amount of space available on our packaging, we are not able to put our full sourcing policy on our products.  However, we are currently in the process of updating Denny packaging to clearly direct consumers to our Denny website.


5. Does Kerry Foods support the Bord Bia scheme?

Kerry Foods is an active supporter of Bord Bia, and indeed a significant supporter of the Irish Pork industry. You will find the Bord Bia logo on approved packs.


6. In what way is Denny supportive of Irish communities?

We are very proud and supportive of the Irish communities in which we operate in and support them in many ways. We employ more than 2,500 people in Ireland directly and many, many more indirectly - helping to support Irish jobs and local communities in a very practical and tangible way. 


7. What about the Denny Chicken and Turkey products, where do you source your poultry from?

We source our poultry from both Irish suppliers and EU approved suppliers.